Vintage is the most exciting time of year for all winemakers. We’ve recently completed our 34th vintage and we’re delighted to announce that 2019 has been another hugely successful year here at the Trentham Estate!


This year, the warm, dry winter and spring meant that the harvest had to begin and end earlier than usual. We also had to manage our irrigation extremely well, due to below average rainfall. While these weather conditions led to some of the grapes ripening in irregular patterns, thankfully their quality hasn’t suffered at all, and we're all pleased with the results!


The last few months have been a hive of activity here, with the grapes being harvested from the vines, and the precise, methodical winemaking processes kicking into action. Every member of the team has put their heart and soul into the vintage, pulling together to ensure everything has run as smoothly as possible. Now we’re at the stage where our hard work is paying off, with many wines now showing their true character.


This year’s harvest began in late January, when many of our white grape varieties reached optimal condition, along with a few of our early-maturing reds. We experienced nice fine weather, not one drop of rain throughout the whole vintage season, so we were able to pick things when we wanted to. We had a weeks-lull at the beginning of February before the real hard work started, with most of the reds and the remainder of the whites reaching peak maturity at the same time. This meant a lot of effort and pressure here at the winery, as we had to cope with lots of grapes ripening all at the same time.


We’re hugely excited about bringing you our collection of 2019 wines. This year’s standout varieties include our Italian varieties, specifically our Vermentino and Nero d’Avola. All the wines are looking great, but the reds are certainly strong this year.


We are all feeling extremely relieved and proud following our 2019 vintage, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy the wines we have produced. We’d like to congratulate the team on a job well done, and say thank you for the long hours they have put in to ensure a successful season.