We are so pleased to release our very first field blend, 52 & CLOUDY. Named for the number of grape varietals it contains and its unique cloudy red hue, this very limited, first-release wine will be sure to turn heads.


In 2004, brothers Anthony and Patrick planted three rows of vines using 52 varieties to mark the entrance of the estate. This small patch allows guests who visit Trentham Estate today to explore the many different grape varietals on offer. A collection of this scale is not a common feature anywhere.


Not only a display vineyard, the three rows of vines are also a resource for the winery’s viticulture practices. Varietals are planted within the patch to see if they flourish, giving the brothers a good idea of how the varieties will work on the property.


An important part of the process of producing 52 & CLOUDY was selecting the picking date. Patrick Murphy, Trentham Estate director and viticulturist, needed to decide the best time to harvest the 52 different varietals, as ripeness levels could be up to 8 weeks apart. Picking somewhere in the middle to achieve ideal sugar, flavour ripeness as well as good acid balance was crucial.


With a developing interest in lo-fi and natural wines amongst consumers, we felt there was opportunity to create something to meet the market using the small patch of mixed varietals. The process of making 52 & CLOUDY gave the winemaking team the opportunity to have fun whilst pushing a few boundaries.


“It’s something quite special for us and we’re excited to see what our loyal wine club members think of the wine,” said Anthony Murphy, chief winemaker and managing director.


Our label, designed by Design Energy, features 52 watercolour splotches in earthy tones of red, green and warm neutrals. They are arranged in three rows to represent the three rows planted at the estate.


There is great complexity and detail about this wine that has had minimal winemaking. The style is free-flowing and unrefined, like a lo-fi wine. The resultant blend is not only exciting, fleshy and exuberant but has a gorgeous savoury bouquet with lashings of watermelon peel, persimmon and dried cherry.


Our family-owned trentham winery has been producing award-winning wines for over 30 years, combining careful winemaking traditions with innovation to achieve wines of character and purpose. 52 & CLOUDY is only available from the winery’s cellar door, specialty retailers, and to Trentham’s wine club members.