Here at Trentham Estate we are proud to announce our innovative new product, a 1.5 Litre wine pouch branded THREE’S -A- CROWD. The pouch is a new way of drinking and enjoying wine that offers convenience, sustainability and quality. Our new THREE’S -A- CROWD pouch range offers a Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir in the eye-catching new packaging.


With the increase of outdoor get-togethers becoming the ‘new norm’ and many consumers limiting their alcohol intake while also being mindful of their spending, we saw this as an opportunity to grab hold of a market in this growing area.


THREE’S -A- CROWD is perfect for outdoor activities such as picnics, camping, beach holidays and even road trips, saving space when travelling. It’s a very convenient option for our new way of living. The pouch also offers a long shelf-life, staying fresh for weeks once opened


“In this current climate consumers are looking for more affordable alternatives, however they still want great quality wine and THREE’S -A- CROWD offers that,” - Anthony Murphy, Chief Winemaker and Managing Director.


The pouch is also an environmentally friendly alternative to glass bottles. The compact pouch, which holds the equivalent of 2 standard bottles of wine, produces 80% less carbon emissions than glass (glass bottles and their transportation being the two biggest contributors to the carbon footprint of wine production). In addition, it reduces space for shipping and waste when empty.


Our packaging is fun and vibrant. Telling a story of relaxing with family and friends and enjoying the simple things in life along with each other’s company - with a glass of wine in hand, of course! The colours for each varietal reflect day and night, but also the seasonal changes.


The styles are a modern approach to an easy drinking wine. The Pinot Grigio is delicate on the nose with crisp green apple and the palate is fresh and bright with lemon zest and pears. The Pinot Noir shows fleshy red fruit aromas and lovely savoury spice and strawberries on the palate.


THREE’S -A- CROWD wines are now available exclusively from First Choice Liquor Market stores, Australia-wide. For wineries in Victoria or further information, please visit