We are proud to announce the release of two exciting new varietals as part of our Italian range ‘The Family’; NV Prosecco and 2016 Nero d’Avola.  Launched in 2005, The Family range (formerly La Famiglia) pays tribute to our Irish and Italian heritage involved in grape growing and winemaking – celebrating a Love for Life.

The NV Prosecco is light green in colour with attractive green pear and tropical fruit aromas and flavours. The palate is light and fresh with soft acid and a fine bubble.  It is an ideal celebratory drink or simply a drink for the warmer months.  Veneto, in northern Italy, is the home of Prosecco where it has been grown for hundreds of years.  Sparkling Prosecco wines have attractive and characteristic pear, green apple and floral aromas and flavours which come directly from the grape.

The 2016 Nero d’Avola adds another exciting wine to the collection.  This wine shows true varietal characteristics; a very approachable medium bodied red with a delightful balance of ripe dark fruits and savoury notes.  Nero d’Avola, originates from Sicily where it has been grown for over 500 years and is the most planted variety in the region. The vines are exceedingly tough and thrive in hot dry conditions.  The robust nature of the variety and its ability to produce high quality fruit and resulting wine in a hot climate, made it a must have for our Estate’s vineyard.

The Family collection now has eight superb varietals with one to please everybody.  The other varietals in the Italian range include Vermentino, Pinot Grigio, Moscato, Sangiovese Rosé, Nebbiolo and Frizzante Maestri, which have all been grown on the Estate.  Over the years, these wines have enjoyed many successes, most recently Vermentino & Nebbiolo achieving top of their class at the 2016 Royal Sydney Wine Show.  The Family wines are a terrific option for those wanting to try something a little different to the traditional styles and provide excellent examples of top class Italian varietals.