TWO THIRDS, our low alcohol wine, has hit the market with exciting new packaging and a welcome addition to the range.

In 2005, our first release of the TWO THIRDS Semillon Sauvignon Blanc made an extremely successful debut into the marketplace. So much so, that each new vintage release has become a much-anticipated event for its supporters. With the release of the 2015 vintage, we have expanded this low alcohol wine range to now include a red wine.

As the name suggests, these wines are only “two thirds” the alcoholic strength of a standard white and red wine. The Semillon Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot contain only 8.5% and 9.5% alcohol respectively. At nearly 40% less calories than a standard wine, TWO THIRDS still retains the varietal taste and flavours with a lighter finish on the palate. The natural process of winemaking was used to create the low alcohol wine.

The new packaging is quite the contrast from the previous; a new slimmer bottle, carton design and entirely new label design. The striking illustration featured on these wines, a foil circle, sits cleverly two thirds the way up the label.

The new look is fun, fresh and contemporary with the intention of appealing to women. Over the years sales through our Cellar Door suggests to us that this low-alcohol wine is primarily appealing to women, often young mums as well as older women, who are concerned about consuming too much alcohol. It is often seen as the perfect luncheon wine. “Our Semillon Sauvignon Blanc has proven to be a big seller and a huge success for us, so it was about time we added a red to match” says Renee Murphy, Marketing Manager.

This exciting new product re-launch and expansion of the range helps to fill a much needed space in the market with recent research showing that women are looking for lower calorie wine, as long as taste isn’t sacrificed. Anthony Murphy, winemaker & managing director, describes the wines as one that “remains true-to-style but offers consumers a lighter option when needed.”

These two new products are now available for purchase from our online shop priced at $16.00 per bottle.