Teary and breathless you said “yes” to the perfect proposal, and you want your wedding day to be equally unforgettable. The romantic event will entrance family, friends, and even the occasional onlooker.  The splendour of a winery wedding is just one of the benefits of planning the most important day of your life at a winery. Here are the top reasons why a winery is the perfect venue for your wedding day.

1. The Scenery The natural beauty of a winery setting can’t be imitated anywhere else. Acres of green punctuated by the scent of grape vines and accented with a combination of garden flowers is a natural setting that doesn’t need extra decoration. Saying your vows against this colourful backdrop creates a feeling of elegance and intimacy for you and your guests.

2. An Unmatched Atmosphere Describing the experience of a winery wedding is like trying to explain how a sunset tastes.  You can sense the specialness, but you can’t find the words to describe it. The wine country is unique and offers a sense of serenity that makes guests feel comfortable and relaxed.  Winery weddings are evergreen; they retain a certain stylish atmosphere and classy look that never expires. You can have a retro wedding theme, or take a more modern approach. The winery accommodates everyone’s tastes.  You will begin your life together here surrounded by a sense of peace and intimacy like you are sharing a special secret that will never be forgotten.

3. Single Location Traditionally, the bride and groom along with the guests would leave the wedding ceremony and relocate to attend the reception in another location. This involved gathering belongings, making your way to the parking lot, waiting in line to exit, driving to a new venue, finding a parking space, re-gathering your belongings and then heading into the reception hall.  Wineries are set to accommodate both the wedding and reception, which avoids all the fuss of relocating. The lush countryside offers the elegance for the wedding and guarantees that the reception held on the same grounds will be equally luxurious.  Your guests will have plenty of time to mingle, and the photo opportunities are endless.

4. Picture Perfect Snaps Every shot taken at a winery will have a beautiful backdrop and look great from any angle. Your ceremony will be filled with the brilliance of the afternoon sunshine or covered in a soft glow from the setting sun. People look their best when photographed outdoors under natural lighting. Your first married picture will be splendid and so will all the ones that follow. You don’t have to worry about going home and pulling up the Photoshop software on your laptop to erase a wall poster or ugly light post.

5. Worry-Free Weather A bride’s worst fear is that it will rain on her wedding day, especially if it is an outdoor wedding. Most wineries or private estates have a backup plan set in place in case of inclement weather. Instead of settling for a grungy, dreary basement hall, you will be treated to a beautiful and charming space that will accentuate your wedding day.

6. Good Food and Wine Wineries have a reputation to uphold. They are known for serving cuisine that is farm fresh and topped off with creative flair. The wine will compliment your food perfectly as wineries select menus according to the individual characteristics of each wine and the wine selection is obviously top notch so there will be something to suit everyone’s taste buds.

7. Weekend Getaway for Out-of-Towners It is always a chore for the wedding party as well as out of town guests to find a place to say when they come to town to attend a wedding. The good news is, wineries are often surrounded by plenty of nearby accommodation, and some even have their own accommodation!  Hosting a weekend wedding party is always fun. Often it is the only time family can gather together in celebration, so make a weekend of it and head for your honeymoon on Monday morning. With everyone staying at nearby accommodation in town, the family can reunite.

8. A Place to Which You Can Return The festivities are over, and your life together begins. Life gets busy with work, children, and running a home and as the days slip by, you sometimes forget where you started. A winery wedding means that you have the perfect place to return to and rekindle the love you felt the day you said I do.  Winery weddings make excellent anniversary getaways in the years to come. You can make a yearly trip or save it for a special anniversary and renew your vows. Either way, you will want to be sure to take your favourite wine home with you so you can sip the memory whenever you want to relive the moment.