The Winemaking Process

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The grapes are picked at optimum ripeness to produce the perfect flavour

One of the most important decisions in the winemaking process is the harvest date. The ripeness level of the fruit largely determines the flavour and style of the wine. To pick the grapes at their best involves lots of testing and tasting of the fruit from each individual block to get the timing right.

All the fruit is machine harvested which results in the fruit getting to the winery quickly and in top condition.

Crush and Press

Careful treatment of the fruit is crucial in the early stages

The fruit is put through a de-stemmer to remove the stalks from the grapes. The next step depends of the fruit type.

For white varieties, the grapes are gently squeezed using an air bag press to separate the juice from the skins and seeds. The juice is then fermented with cultured yeast at cool temperatures in refrigerated tanks. Fermentation takes 2-3 weeks.

Unlike the white grapes, reds are pumped directly into the tank to ferment on their skins as much of the flavour, tannin and colour lies within the skin. The fermentation last 7-10 days, during this time the tank is regularly mixed to help extract as much colour and flavour as possible.


Various methods are used across the many varieties

Maturation time depends on the style of the wine. Most of our white wines are bottled young and fresh shortly after vintage. A couple of exceptions are Chardonnay and Taminga. Chardonnay is matured in French oak puncheons in our underground barrel cellar and the Taminga in stainless steel tanks where time improves flavour and complexity.

Other than Maestri, all of our red wines are matured in French and American oak to soften the wine and add complexity.


Where it all comes together

Trentham Estate red and white wines are bottled under screw cap for preservation of quality.


The best part, of course!

The final result is a range of high quality varietal wines with an emphasis on full fruit flavour and palatability. Taste our wines in the Cellar Door, enjoy a glass or two with lunch in our Restaurant, or share at home with family and friends. Our Life, Your Wine.


Simply select 6 bottles of your favourite wines and how regularly you’d like to receive them, and we’ll deliver them to your door on an ongoing basis.